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How Can I Choose A Suitable Shade Of Lipstick?

Let’s begin by saying that lipstick is the ultimate accessory in any makeup lover’s arsenal. It can transform a look, boost confidence, and make a statement. However, choosing the right one can be a daunting task amidst the wide range of lipstick shades available today. The perfect lipstick shade should flatter your complexion and align with your style and the occasion.

What should I consider when choosing a shade of lipstick?

Skin Undertone

If your skin has warm undertones, it typically means you have more yellow or peachy tones. Shades that compliment warm undertones include coral, brick red, warm brown, and earthy nude colors. These shades harmonize with the warmth in your skin and create a natural, balanced look.

Cool undertones lean towards pink or blue tones in your skin. Lipstick shades like cool-toned reds, berries, mauves, and cool pinks work exceptionally well. They contrast beautifully with cool undertones, making your lips pop.

You have a versatile canvas to work with if you have neutral undertones. It allows you to experiment with a broad spectrum of lipstick shades, ranging from soft pinks to bold reds, because they don’t clash with warm or cool skin tones.


Consider neutral or MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades for daily wear. Soft pinks, nude tones, and subtle coral hues provide a natural, effortless look suitable for everyday activities. In professional or formal settings, it’s best to choose lipstick shades that are muted and understated. Rosy nudes, light corals, or sheer pinks can add a touch of color without being overly distracting. For special occasions, you can try bolder lipstick. Deep reds, rich berries, or statement shades like metallics or vivid purples can make a striking impression and enhance your overall look.

Lip Shape and Size

Full lips provide an excellent canvas for various lipstick shades. You can confidently wear vibrant, neutral shades, and experimenting with brighter colors can further accentuate your lip shape.

If you have thinner lips and wish to create the illusion of fullness, lighter shades, like soft pinks or peachy nudes, can make your lips appear plumper.

Undertones of Clothing

To create a cohesive look, consider the undertones of the clothing you’ll wear with your lipstick. Cool-toned clothing pairs best with lipstick shades that have cool undertones, while warm-toned clothing complements lip colors with warm undertones.